Discover the Best Nude Beaches in Spain

Are you looking to shed your clothes and soak up the sun on a beautiful beach? is your one-stop shop for all the best naturist beaches in Spain, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time
nudist. We are your resource for information on Spain’s official and “unofficial” nudist beaches.

We are Your Guide to Nude Beaches and Naturist Resorts in Spain

We also list Naturist Resorts for people looking for a full-time nudist holiday, as well as those interested in trying it out for the first time or those who are only interested in spending a couple of days on a nude beach as part of their getaway.

Also included is a list of the closest hotels you can book (these are in the main textile only hotels), so you’re not too far away from a nude beach if the mood strikes you for a few days of total relaxation and all-over tanning.

Every Nudist Beach in Spain

Obviously, it is unrealistic for us to visit every beach on the list, so we will rely on the efforts of the community to keep everyone up to date with reviews and photos from beaches they have visited, etc. For the official nude beaches, we source these from the Spanish Government and Tourist websites. For the “unofficial” beaches, we source these from publicly available information to hopefully put together a comprehensive resource of Spanish nude beaches.

If we have missed a beach that you are aware of, it is simple to add it to the list. Follow the steps for reporting a beach where nudism is commonly practised. Yes, we are fully aware that, in theory, every beach in Spain can be used as a nudist beach. In fact, topless sunbathing is widely practised on all of Spain’s beaches, such as in the Balearic Islands.

However, the site’s purpose is to direct people to beaches where nude sunbathing is commonplace. If it’s your first time visiting a nude beach, you won’t want to be the only person or one of the very few naked people on a beach full of textile beachgoers, which is why the site was created.