Nudist Beaches in Almería

Almería Province

The Almería Province is part of the Autonomous Community of Andalucia and borders the provinces of Murcia and Granada. It’s capital city Almeria is ideal for air travel as it has its own airport, as do Murcia and Granada. The area around the Gata-Nijar Natural Park is the driest in Europe and lovers of the ”Spaghetti Western” movies of the 60’s and 70’s may recognise the landscape, where actors like Clint Eastwood filmed many of their movies. The famous movie Lawrence of Arabia was also filmed here. The arid landscape of the area is similar to the Wild West depicted in these films, although filming in Spain at that time was a lot cheaper than in the States. The province has a varied industry with the main economy coming from quarried marble found in the Sierra de los Filabres region, and a huge greenhouse farming industry that exports millions of tons of vegetables each year. With the area’s pleasant climate and many miles of golden sand beaches, including 4 official nudist beaches in the Almería Province, tourism also plays a large part in Almería’s economy.

The capital city of Almeria is dominated by the Alcazabar Castle, an imposing fortress built by the Moors in the 10th century that stands on the crest of a hill guarding the city below. Although predominantly Spanish, the city has much to offer visitors with interesting architecture and an Old Quarter that is home to an impressive fortified cathedral with six striking cannon towers and a vast interior housing a collection of exquisite artwork. Within the city visitors can explore the area around Avenue Las Ramblas where there are a collection of shops and plazas or visit the Contemporary Museum of Art and other smaller galleries. For a great evening out, the Old Quarter has a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants, and closer to the beach is Puerta de Purchena offering a further choice of nightly entertainment. Almeria’s beaches are among the most beautiful in the province and the wonderfully clear waters around Cabo de Gata make for great snorkelling.

The arid, almost desert like landscape of the province is ideal for stargazing and near the small inland town of Gergal there is an astronomical station that boasts the most powerful telescope in the world. Situated on the side of the Sierra de los Filabres, Gergal enjoys both sunny warm weather on the lower slopes and snow on the higher peaks. Although not on the tourist route, those visiting the astronomical station can spend a pleasant day exploring the town and its 16th century castle.

Situated on the Costa Tropical, the seaside resort town of Roquetas de Mar is a popular holiday destination with Spanish tourists although it does receive visitors from the United Kingdom and Germany. The entire area around the town is a protected National Park that includes Las Marinas salt marsh. Nature lovers and bird watchers can spend days exploring the area that is home to a wonderful variety of flora & fauna. Other places of interest include the 17th century church of La Virgen del Rosario and the Castilla de Santa Ana. The town offers a good selection of services and amenities, shops, bars and restaurants. The beach area has a pretty promenade, a great choice of water sports and there is an official nudist beach in Roquetas de Mar.

The popular tourist destination of Mojácar sits on an elevated position and its traditional whitewashed buildings can be seen for miles around. From the town’s Old Quarter there are fantastic sea and mountain views. Where Mojácar offers visitors a taste of history with its ancient buildings and labyrinth of cobbled streets, the beach area known as Mojácar Playa is more geared up for fun in the sun and lively nightlife. The beach front is lined with shops, bars and restaurants, and there are around 10 kilometres of fantastic beaches as well as 2 official nudist beaches in  Mojácar. There is a variety of water sports on offer and much of the beach areas further afield have been designated areas of outstanding natural beauty.