Nudist Beaches in Mojácar

Mojácar Area

The historic and charming village of Mojácar enjoys a hilltop position at the base of the Sierra Cabrera mountain range. From its cobbled streets and whitewashed walls, the views over the Mediterranean are splendid and take in the Mojácar Playa Beach Resort. The village is situated in the Levante area and is around an hour’s drive from the capital city and airport of Almeria. Inhabited since around 2000 BC, Mojácar has seen many rulers during its turbulent past including Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans but it is the Moors that have mostly left their architectural mark on the village.

Visitors to Mojácar can spend countless hours wandering its narrow, winding streets and alleys, exploring the many historical buildings and monuments. Located in the lower part of the village is the centuries old La Fuente Moro, a series of water spouts providing a natural source of mountain water that is still used by villagers to this day. Not far from the fountains is the main village plaza and a selection of bars and cafes. The main street, Calle de Enmedio is reached by passing through the 15th century archway that originally served as the gated entrance to the village. Dotted around the main street are further plazas and monuments including the majestic arched Plaza de Parterre and in the Jewish Quarter, the Plaza Flores. The cobbled streets continue to wind their way to the top of the hillside where the Mirador del Castillo offers breathtaking views over the gentle valleys to the sea.

Mojácar’s shops, bars and restaurants are mostly centred around the main plaza and at night with the outdoor tables set with candles, the plaza is a great setting for romantic dining. Just a short drive or 30 minute walk from the village is Mojácar Playa Beach Resort, a collection of hotels, resorts, shops, bars and restaurants. The main beach has a pretty promenade offering bars and restaurants as well as tasty ice cream parlours. Aside from the main beach, the area has around 17 kilometres of coastline with sandy stretches and rocky coves that are quiet and secluded. Naturist’s can enjoy 2 official nudist beaches in Mojácar that are located some distance from the main beach.

Nude Beaches