Nudist Beaches in Vera

Vera Area

The walled town of Vera is located in the Almeria province of Andalucia. As with many other villages and towns in Spain, Vera was originally built on the coast, but with the ever increasing pirate raids and turbulent times of the middle ages, it was rebuilt about 10 kilometres inland, giving the town’s inhabitants time to prepare defences and arm themselves against attacks from the sea. With the rapid growth of tourism in modern times, building development started to increase along the coast and the town is now viewed as 2 separate areas, Vera and Vera Playa (beach) The town has endured hard times and destruction over the years, having been totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1518 and hit by a flash flood in 2012, resulting in 4 deaths and many injured. Having prospered from its mining industry in the past, Vera now boasts a thriving tourism industry which makes up its main economy.

Although most holidaymakers choose the beach areas of Vera Playa, the town itself has much to offer with a good selection of shops, cafe’s, bars and restaurants. There is a bustling Saturday market and the Plaza de Toros is where the townsfolk celebrate social events and festivals held throughout the year. Vera’s Plaza Mayor is home to the 15th century Church de la Encarnacion that was once a fort and still retains its 4 dominant towers.

Vera Playa is a favourite destination for naturism and entered the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2013 for holding the largest ever ”skinny dip” with 729 naked swimmers, easily beating the previous record of 506. The official nudist beach in Vera is large and a literal naturist development has grown around it, with naturist friendly apartment complexes, hotels and a camping site. For a fun day out that still involves getting your clothes off, but in a different sense, Vera Playa has an exciting water park known as Parque Acuatico with a great choice of thrilling rides, picnic areas, mini golf and even an amusement park.

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