Nudist Beaches in Cádiz

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Cadiz Province

The province of Cadiz is part of the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. Its location on the Costa de la Luz is the southernmost point of the European continent. The beautiful coastline of the province stretches for over 250 kilometres and boasts an interesting mix of small fishing villages, beach resort towns and busy cities. The largest city is Jerez de la Frontera which is famous for its sherry production, and the capital city of Cadiz is the oldest in Western Europe, dating back 3000 years. Although the region’s sherry production and agriculture help boost the economy, its main income is from the tourist industry. This is no wonder as much of the coastal region has been recognised as a place of outstanding natural beauty and the province has the highest number of Blue Flag Awards of all the provinces in Europe. The region’s coast varies from long stretches of golden sand, rocky coves and cliffs, sweeping bays such as the Bay of Cadiz and breathtaking Natural Reserves of forest, salt marshes and sand dunes, home to a fantastic variety of animals, waterfowl and fish species. The area includes 9 official nudist beaches in the Cadiz Province and is hugely popular with water sport enthusiasts.

The capital city of Cadiz juts into the sea and offers sweeping views of the bay. It’s historical buildings are particularly apparent in the Old Quarter where visitors are greeted with ancient plazas and cobbled streets lined with traditional tapas bars. There is a fish market that supplies many of the surrounding restaurants and is a great place to pick up some tasty shellfish for a beach BBQ. The golden cupola of the city’s Cathedral looms high above the Old Quarter and the views of the bay and distant mountains are fantastic.

Throughout Spain there are traditional ”white towns” where all the buildings are whitewashed, thus giving them a bright clean appearance, besides cutting down on the cost of paint !! Conil de la Frontera is one such town and is a popular place to visit with hikers and cyclists due to its network of hiking trails and bridleways. It’s 15 kilometres of excellent beaches are popular with tourists from inland Spain and include 2 official nudist beaches, rocky inlets and pretty bays.

Aside from its sherry production, the province of Cadiz is renowned for its gastronomy, especially fish and shellfish which can be found in practically every eatery in the region. Visitors lucky enough to befriend locals who know the best spots can forage for a variety of shellfish including, mussels, clams, and razor clams and there is no better way to cook them than right on the beach, accompanied by a few glasses of the delicious local wine of course. Another passion of the province is horses and there are events, festivals and races throughout the year including the fantastic Horse Fair in Jerez de la Frontera and the beach races at Sanlucar de Barrameda.

The towns that face the Straits of Gibraltar are well known for their water sports and none more so than the chilled out town of Tarifa. Situated at the narrowest point of the Straits gives a unique tunnel effect to the constantly blowing winds, creating perfect year round conditions for wind and kite surfing and Tarifa ranks as one of the best wind surfing spots in the world, attracting these Nomads of the sport from all corners of the globe. There are also more family orientated beaches as well as an official nudist beach in the area.

Cadiz has no shortage of wilderness and forest areas, and throughout the province there are 5 National Parks and 8 Natural Reserves offering visitors the chance to see a multitude of wildlife including, Iberian lynx, sparrow hawk, goshawk, peregrine falcon, wild boar, weasel, mongoose and various species of deer just to name a few. It is a fantastic province to visit and the sheer diversity of the land and its towns and villages have so much to offer, most visitors come back time and again.