Nudist Beaches in Barbate

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Barbate Area

Situated in the heart of La Breña y Marismas de Barbate Natural Park, the coastal town of Barbate, in the province of Cadiz has a great affiliation with the sea, and its fishing industry goes back to Roman times when the tradition of salting fish to preserve it was common. The town still pays homage to the sea, enjoying 3 fishing related festivals each year. Tuna fishing plays a large part in the town’s economy and Tuna Gastronomy Week is held in honour of the fact. The Great Sardine Festival is a must for visitors with a love of fresh fish. Each year the area around the port is filled with the mouthwatering aroma of grilled sardines, a simple yet delicious dish enjoyed throughout Spain. Lastly there is St. Carmen’s Fair which is a celebration of the patron saint of the town and its fishermen.

Lying at the mouth of the River Barbate and being in the middle of a natural park makes Barbate a superb place to visit for walkers, hikers and nature lovers. The park has a varied ecosystem with stretches of sand dunes, pine forest, tall cliffs and salt marshes. There are marked trails throughout the park and various activities are available. The town’s location is excellent for water sports and a popular place for deep sea fishing, mountain biking and horse riding.

There is a selection of fantastic beaches in the area and crystal clear waters can be found at the Caños de Meca, also known as the Columns of Hercules where visitors can experience a certain clarity of senses due to the combined effects from the natural light reflecting off the cliffs and pine forest. The area is popular with naturists and there are 2 official nudist beaches in Barbate. Playa del Carmen is a lovely beach to enjoy a walk along the promenade and stop for a refreshing drink in one of the bars or sample the fresh fish and seafood that the restaurants have to offer.

Nude Beaches

  • Caños de Meca
  • Zahora