Nudist Beach in El Puerto de Santa María

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El Puerto de Santa María Area

Situated in the Bay of Cadiz and just 10 kilometres from the city of Cadiz, El Puerto de Santa María enjoys a picturesque setting on the estuary of the River Guadalete. The charming town has a diverse economy including fishing and sherry making industries as well as a flourishing tourism industry. The town has a rich history and its port is where Columbus launched his second voyage to the Americas, accompanied by his pilot Juan de la Cosa who produced the first world map in 1500.

El Puerto de Santa María offers visitors many historical sights, buildings and monuments and has earned the nickname The City Of 100 Palaces. Buildings of interest include the majestic San Marcos Castle and El Puerto Bull Ring, one of the oldest in Spain and home to many of the town’s festivals and exhibitions. Visitors can also enjoy El Puerto Museum or take a tour and sample the delicious produce of one of the sherry bodegas. Surrounding the town is the Bahia de Cadiz Natural Park, a protected area of forest, salt marshes and lagoons that are home to some interesting flora & fauna where visitors can hike the trails and take in the natural beauty of the area.

Within the town and along the riverfront, visitors can stroll the palm lined main street or explore the many cobbled alleys where there is a selection of shops, bars and restaurants. The town’s eateries mainly offer traditional Andalusian dishes with the focus being wonderfully fresh fish and seafood. There are a total of 8 beaches to choose from as well as 2 official nudist beaches in El Puerto de Santa María. The waters are clear and the beaches of golden sand, with the main Muralla Beach situated near the marina and offering a selection of water sports and a seafront bar, ideal for an evening sundowner.

Nude Beaches

  • Playa de Levante