Nudist Beaches in Granada

Granada Province

The province of Granada is situated in southern Spain, with part of the province bordering the Mediterranean sea on the Costa Tropical. Its Moorish rule from 711-1492 is evident in the splendid Alhambra Palace and World Heritage Site which is Granada’s most popular tourist attraction. Inland is the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountain range, the second highest in Europe and part of the Sierra Nevada National Park. The region’s contrast of coastline, lush plains and stunning mountains acts as a lure for holidaymakers from all over the world and offers a vast variety of attractions. Not to worry if you can’t decide whether to take a skiing or beach holiday, in Granada you can do both in the same day !!

The capital city of the same name is the province’s most visited area and with its stunning architecture and snow capped mountain backdrop, it is no wonder. Home to kings and vagabonds, a visit to the Alhambra Palace will take you on a journey through time. The palace is vast and the spectacular buildings and gardens awe inspiring in their beauty. It is easy to get lost physically and mentally within its walls with so many places of interest to visit such as the Royal Palace, Palace of the Lions, Emperor’s Chambers, Hall of Kings and Daraxa’s Garden just to name a few. It is advisable to book a palace tour well in advance as tickets can be sold out months in advance. Night life in Granada gets very lively, mainly due to it’s large student population, but the city is big and visitors can discover all types of entertainment, from mellow tea rooms to Michelin Star restaurants.

The area that lies at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is known as Las Alpujarras and is one of the most breathtaking settings in Spain with lush valleys, green plains constantly watered by the run off of snow, deep gorges and dense forest all interspersed with streams, rivers and quaint villages such as Bubion and Orgiva. The area is perfect for nature lovers and ramblers, with a vast network of village paths and hiking trails where the beautiful flora & fauna of the area can be seen in all their glory.

The Sierra Nevada mountain range and National Park is an adventurer’s playground, encompassing over 86,000 hectares of rugged wilderness, icy lakes and rivers, deep gorges and sheer sided mountain slopes, all with an added dash of snow. More than 20 of its highest peaks reach over 3,000 metres, making its only European rival the Alps. The park is popular for hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and of course skiing. It is a perfect setting to give kids a taste of the real outdoors and is a popular venue for school summer camps. With the rich soil and bountiful water supply of the Sierra Nevada and plains of Las Alpujarras, there is a very diverse agricultural industry including the cultivation of apples, almonds, grapes, cherries, walnuts and a variety of cereals. Since Roman times the area around the town of Alquife was famous for its iron mines and at one stage was Europe’s most important iron mine.

The coastal region of Granada province lies on the Costa Tropical, and although not as popular as Costa del Sol, this should be viewed as a bonus. The area is beautiful and the beaches less crowded and geared to a more laid back holiday. Visitors have a choice of resort towns with family orientated beaches, off the beaten track coves and secluded bays, or for that all over tan, there is a choice of 5 official nudist beaches in the province. The ancient town of Almunecar lies at the mouth of 2 rivers and is a popular spot for naturists, having 3 official nudist beaches within close proximity.