Nudist Beach in Albuñol

Albuñol Area

The pretty Andalusian town of Albuñol lies 8 kilometres inland on the Costa Tropical and is surrounded by the stunning wilderness region of Las Alpujarras. The town is ideally located within a short drive to 3 international airports. Aside from tourism, Albuñol is known for its wine and almond production. Evidence of its Moorish occupation can be seen in the narrow streets and whitewashed buildings and places of interest include the 12th century Castillo Nazari, Iglesia Parroquial de San Patrico and Casa de las Margaritas, the house in which Spanish writer Pedro Antonio Alarcón once resided.

The surrounding countryside is what many visitors come to see and the hiking trails through the mountains of La Ermita, Los Galvez and El Gato offer hikers an abundance of flora & fauna as well as spectacular views to the ocean. First discovered by a farmer named Juan Martin in 1851, the Cave of Bats is a popular attraction that lies at the top of a gully called Las Angosturas not far from Albuñol. When discovered, the cave was so full of bat guano, which is an excellent manure for agriculture, that Juan Martin spent many days clearing the cave of its bountiful fertilizer to spread on his fields. After the discovery and laborious clear out, word of the cave spread and it became an important resting place for shepherds and their flocks. These days the cave is a tourist attraction and the majority of bats and their useful waste have moved on to more private dwellings.

The local wine and cuisine of the region can be sampled in the town’s many bars, restaurants and tapas bars. The region’s chorizo sausage and black pudding is particularly good. The town has a number of shops and amenities, and further bars and restaurants can be found around the beach area. Along the coast there are several coves and beaches to choose from as well as an official nudist beach in Albuñol.

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