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Castrillón Area

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Castrillón Area

Located in the province of Asturias, Castrillón forms part of the Littoral plain on the north coast of Spain. It’s capital town Piedras Blancas is close to the Oviedo Airport and is within walking distance to several beaches. Average temperatures are a chilly 13 degrees celcius and during the winter months the area receives quite a bit of cloudy and rainy weather. The town offers a selection of shops, bars and restaurants as well as a few hotels and guest houses. Most visitors to Piedras Blancas are Spanish holidaymakers seeking the peace and tranquillity of the unspoilt beaches during the summer months.

The municipality of Castrillón offers a good selection of sandy beaches, rocky coves and cliffs but some are remote and not easily accessible so a good pair of hiking boots or trainers as well as a packed lunch are advisable. El Reguero beach is more a selection of coves and depending on the tide when you reach the beach can be easy or difficult to get to. There are more options for getting to the beach at low tide but be careful to keep an eye on the tide or you could get trapped in one of the coves and have a long and uncomfortable wait before the tide goes out again.

For a more easily accessible beach, Arnao beach is a sweeping bay of 300 metres that offers excellent sun bathing and swimming as well as amenities and lifeguards during the summer. The rocky area to the west is a favourite haunt for fishing and spearfishing and the reefs are home to fossils that are over 400 million years old. Many of the more secluded coves and beaches are perfect for naturists and there is also an official nudist beach in Castrillón. Although the area is not really on the tourist map and doesn’t offer much in entertainment, it’s the perfect place to visit for those looking for great walking trails, beautiful scenery and unspoilt, peaceful beaches.