Nudist Beaches in Tapia de Casariego

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Tapia de Casariego Area

Nude Beaches

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Tapia de Casariego Area

Forming part of the Spanish Asturias, Tapia de Casariego is a popular seaside village located next to an old fortified settlement that has a lovely marina and fishing port. There is a very picturesque promenade and various walking routes through the area such as the Tapia Coastal Route, Northern Route and Route of the Iron and the Gold. Part of the Northern Route is one of the stages of the famous Pilgrimage to Santiago. The hustle and bustle of the port provides a good walk and extends to the village’s lighthouse. In-fact the entire area around Tapia de Casariego is part of the Historical Park of the Navia River that offers hiking trails through valleys, forests, beaches and mountains with many ancient archaeological settlements to discover.

The village has a selection of bars and restaurants, shops, amenities, a 9 hole golf course, horse riding tours along various beautiful routes, and an exciting go-kart track called Kartodroma. Many people visit Tapia de Casariego for its great surfing and at Easter each year the village holds an international surf competition. There are also many other beaches along the areas coastline that offer good surfing and one of the best months to go is September when the peak summer season crowds have died down a bit. For learners there are surf schools run by professional teachers and also a surf camp. During the summer there is a Medieval Market to explore and the International Interceltic Festival.

The urban beach of La Ribeiría is small and sandy and has a nice grassy viewpoint, perfect for a picnic. La Paloma beach is reached by crossing a stream which is great fun for the kids to explore and there is a camping ground nearby. For naturists there is an official nudist beach in Tapia de Casariego and many secluded coves nearby where nude bathing is also practised.