Nudist Beaches in Es Migjorn Gran

Es Migjorn Gran

Situated a few kilometres inland on the south coast of Minorca lies the sleepy town of Es Migjorn Gran. The town has the least tourist influence of all the towns on the island. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on what visitors are looking for in a holiday. Surrounding the town is beautiful countryside, pine forests and lush valleys with winding trails and bridleways, known locally as ”camis”, an indication of the locals love of horses. Scattered around the area are abandoned settlements and caves dating back to prehistoric times. Es Migjorn Gran is the type of town where visitors can experience the real Menorca. Centered around the Plaza de la Iglesia and a small church are charming narrow streets and a small selection of basic shops, tapas bars and traditional restaurants serving tasty local fare. During the summer months there is a night market in the Plaza de la Iglesia open from around 7pm to 11pm with a collection of stalls selling local arts & crafts.

Es Migjorn Gran is all about relaxing, enjoying the fresh air, layzing on one of the nearby beaches and exploring the fantastic countryside. Visitors can hike down the impressive Bingaus ravine which is home to the Cova des Coloms ( Cave of the Doves ) and the smaller secluded Cova Polida. Cova des Coloms is also known as the Cathedral Cave due to it’s high dome shaped ceiling and was used as a place of worship in prehistoric times. Cova Polida is a smaller fairly hidden cave with a narrow entrance and shallow but high ceiling. To reach the caves visitors should find the town’s municipal cemetery and follow the signs from there. Some may prefer to make the hike as part of a tour group as the trail is quite difficult to follow and very steep in places. Visitors should wear suitable shoes and bring a hat, torch and plenty of water.

The beaches and coves around Es Migjorn Gran are some of the most stunning and unspoilt on the Island. Visitors can choose from Playa Santo Tomas, Playa Bingaus, Playa Son Bou, Playa Escorxada and the breathtaking Playa Galdana, the most photographed bay in Europe. There are also 2 official nudist beaches in Es Migjorn Gran.

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