Nudist Beaches in Maó


Situated on the east coast of Minorca is its capital city Maó, also known as Mahón. The city is home to one of the largest natural harbours in the world, and throughout history it has been a strategic stronghold for many nations. The harbour is 5 kilometres in length and in some places up to 900 meters wide. The city was once fortified and encircled by a wall, the remains of which, called the Arch de San Roque, being the city’s oldest historical monument. Throughout the city there are many historical buildings and places of interest including the Town Hall, built in 1631 and the church of Santa Maria that houses a huge organ boasting over 300 pipes. There is a lovingly restored convent which is now home to the city’s bustling market. Much of the city’s architecture reflects the British occupation of Maó in the 18th century with bow fronted houses and sash windows.

Spending time in this laid back city is a delight, set on a ridge overlooking the harbour, the city offers some fantastic designer shops, countless sidewalk cafes, lively bars and superb restaurants, all with picturesque views over the impressive harbour. Although a popular destination throughout the year, Maó comes alive during the summer months and the city’s main festival is a must see. Nuestra Señora de Gràcia ( Festival of our Lady of Grace ) takes place in early September and is a riot of colour and song. Locals in traditional dress parade through the streets leading and riding magnificent horses, a passion in Minorca. Live music resonates in the city’s squares and the local concoction Pomada, a mix of gin and lemonade, flows freely. Gin is a British legacy in Minorca since their occupation in the 18th century and there is a distillery in the harbour where visitors can take a tour and sample the fiery brew. Many of the island’s fantastic beaches and secluded coves are just a short drive from the city and there are also 3 official nudist beaches in Maó.