Nudist Beaches in Torreblanca

Torreblanca Area

Torreblanca is situated on the Costa del Azahar in eastern Spain. It is 35 kilometres north of Castello de la Plana and lies 3 kilometres inland from the coast. Here you will find Torrenostra beach which has a picturesque promenade, sunbathing facilities children’s play area and a choice of shops, bars and restaurants. The area enjoys fantastic weather, and scenery such as El Prat Nature Reserve and the Serra d’Irta mountain range. El Prat Nature Reserve is a marshland area of great importance and is home to some rare fish and bird species. The Samaruc, one of the species of fish to be found here are considered to be in the top 20 of the most endangered species in Europe. Beautiful birds abound in the reserve and it is home to the largest colony of Collared Pratincole in the Valencia region.

Just over an hour’s drive south of Torreblanca is the magical city of Valencia. The Valencia region is home to some of the most important festivals in Spain including La Tomatina Festival and Las Fallas de Valencia. Both of these festivals are famous in their own right and attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. La Tomatina is one of Spain’s craziest festivals and also the world’s largest tomato fight, where once a year the town of Buñol’s usual 9,000 population grows to a staggering 50,000 crazy revellers geared up for the tomato fight, where the town is literally painted red. After the fight, with the help of fire trucks, the good natured participants all help to hose down and clean up the aftermath. Las Fallas de Valencia is a truly remarkable sight and the effort gone into staging the festival is staggering. A massive 5 day celebration of fire and fireworks that makes America’s Fourth of July pale in comparison.

Torreblanca’s local fiesta’s, in honour of San Bartolomé, are celebrated each August and well worth a visit as the usually sleepy town comes alive and invites visitors to join in the festivities. Aside from the main beach, the town has a sports centre and there are also 2 official nudist beaches in Torreblanca to visit, located north and south of the main beach.

Nude Beaches