Nude Beaches in Spain

Nudist Beach in Vinaròs

Vinaròs Area

Situated on the Costa Azahar in eastern Spain, Vinaròs enjoys a mild climate and almost year round sunshine. The main income of the town comes from tourism and fishing. Famed for its mouthwatering shellfish, Vinaròs holds a King Prawn Festival in August each year. Other locally caught seafood that can be sampled in the town’s restaurants are oysters, crab and mussels. For a delicious Paella with a difference, one of the area’s specialities is Fideua, made with small noodles instead of rice. There is a dark tale regarding the regions shellfish where reportedly Louis Joseph, the Duke of Vendome, whilst fighting in the war of the Spanish Succession ( 1654 – 1712 ) died from a stomach ailment after eating a helping of king prawns.

The largest and most flamboyant festival in Vinaròs, Carnaval de Vinaroz, takes place between January and March each year. A week long celebration based on the particular theme for that year. In 2015 the theme was Pirates. Over 30 troupes participate, each represented by a Queen wearing stunning costumes. The Carnaval starts with a procession led by a huge wooden figure adorned in clothing of that years theme. The days that follow are a festive mix of parades and parties, including a pyjama party and karaoke. The most important event is the Queen’s presentation where each of the troupes show off their Queen’s in all their glory.

Vinaròs is a lovely place to relax on one of the sandy beaches or get out the snorkelling gear and explore the hidden coves. The town has a good choice of services and amenities, bars, cafes and restaurants. There are historical places of interest such as the Moorish Tower and 16th century church or visitors can take a trip to the El Puig mountain, just a short drive from the town. Not far off the coast are a collection of small volcanic islands, an excellent spot for scuba diving. There is an official nudist beach in Vinaròs, located North of the town centre.

Nude Beaches

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