Nudist Beach in Cullera

Cullera Area

Situated on the sunny Costa del Azahar, at the mouth of the Jucar river and surrounded by citrus groves, Cullera is a picturesque town with much to offer visitors. The town sits at the base of the Cullera Mountain and is overlooked by a 13th century fortress. At night, when the fortress and windy road leading to it are lit up, there are mesmerising views. The beautiful Bahía de los Naranjos ( valley of oranges ) surrounds the Cullera bay with it’s fantastic sandy beaches. The town offers a pleasant mix of historical landmarks, natural parks, modern attractions and great shopping & nightlife.

Located within the fortress is the sanctuary of the Virgen del Castillo, and overlooking the Jucar river there is the Torre del Marenyet, an old watchtower built as an early warning system against pirates. Also worthy of a visit are the 17th century Church of the Saint Johns, and the Dragut caves that depict the invasion of the Berber pirates. To the north of the Cullera Mountain is the pretty San Lorenzo lagoon which marks the southern boundary of the L’Albufera Natural Park. Now a productive eco-system, the park was once a large shallow lake separated from the sea by sediment banks. In the 8th century rice was introduced to the area by the Arab settlers and the lake edges were tilled and turned into rice fields. These fields flourished due to natural wells and water fed into them from the nearby Jucar and Turia rivers. These days visitors can enjoy hiking and cycling trails through the park or visit the Rice Museum.

The town has 3 main beaches and a good selection of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. There are a number of both land and water sports facilities as well as the Aquòpolis Water Park, a fun day out for all the family. To the north of the town and water park there is an official nudist beach in Cullera.

Nude Beaches