Nudist Beaches in Valencia City

Valencia City Area

Situated on the beautiful Costa del Azahar, Valencia City is the capital of the Valencia Province and the third largest city in Spain. The city lies on the banks of the river Turia and is famous for its stunning City of Arts and Sciences building, a modern complex dedicated to culture and entertainment. It is also home of the Silk Exchange Market that has been recognised as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Valencia City boasts thousands of businesses, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants and is the origin of the famous rice dish Paella. There are many miles of coastline and some beautiful beaches that attract thousands of visitors each year. The city has an excellent transport infrastructure including an international airport.

In March each year Valencia really comes alive when over 2 million revellers gather in the city for the truly spectacular Fallas de Valencia, a 5 day celebration of fire and fireworks on a mind boggling scale. For months leading up to the festival, neighbourhood groups come together to construct huge, lifelike figures called Nintos. Exceptional time and artistic effort are put into creating these Nintos, with some so large they need to be moved by cranes. Placed throughout hundreds of parks and major street intersections, the Nintos remain in place for revellers to admire until ”La Crema” ( the burning ) where in the evening they are filled with fireworks and at midnight, simultaneously set alight in a mesmerising storm of fire. Throughout the 5 days of Las Fallas there are street processions, firework displays, beauty pageants and fiestas.

Visitors to the city are spoilt for choice with numerous beautiful architecture, fantastic Tapas bars, animal parks and even a ”Mini Venice” located in Port Sa Platja where parks, bars, restaurants and residential buildings line the various waterways and marinas, a great place to explore and try some of the local cuisine. The city has 2 main beaches, Las Arenas and La Malvarrosa, both offering golden sands and numerous beach facilities. There are also 4 nudist beaches in Valencia City, 1 of which is official and 3 where nude swimming and sun bathing are practised but not official. These are located south of the harbour area.

Nude Beaches