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Lepe Area

The agricultural town of Lepe lies slightly inland in the province of Huelva. Previously a fishing village until the late 1970’s, Lepe’s main economy now comes from it’s intensive strawberry farming industry and it’s delicious fruit is exported throughout Europe. The town has several claims to fame as one of it’s townsfolk, sailor Rodigo de Triana was first to sight the coast of America during Christopher Columbus’s epic journey. In Chaucer’s famous Canterbury Tales, mention was made of Lepe’s wines which were exported to England during that time.

Visitors to the town can climb the nearby 16th century Torre del Catalan Watchtower for fantastic views over Paraje Natural Marismas del Río Piedras y la Flecha del Rompido which is also popular with hikers and nature lovers. Also worth visiting is the 14th century Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzman that is home to lepe’s patron saint, the Virgen de la Bella. Throughout the town there are pretty plazas, fountains and palm lined streets. The town square is surrounded by shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

The town’s coastal area lies about 5 kilometres to the south and boasts a collection of sandy beaches and rocky coves as well as an official nudist beach in Lepe. For a pleasant days outing, the nearby Port of El Terron sits on the edge of the Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido salt marshes, an area of natural beauty where there are hiking trails winding their way through a diverse variety of flora & fauna. For more detailed information on the plants and wildlife of the area, El Terron Marine Centre is situated in the port and has some interesting exhibitions of the marshes as well as a scaled down model of the area and its fish and bird life. There is an aquarium section where visitors can see many types of sea fauna and wonderful examples of fish local to the Gulf of Cadiz.