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Navia Area

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  • El Moro

Navia Area

Lying on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea in Northern Spain is the municipality of Navia. It forms part of The Historical Park of the Navia River with the town sitting on the Navia estuary. There is a pleasant port and various places of interest to visit such as the Tox, Anleo and Lienes Palaces, the old town wall, and there is still evidence of an old medieval path to explore. The town has a selection of shops, bars and restaurants and a choice of hotels and guest houses among its parks and plazas.

There are various routes through the Navia History Park where visitors can enjoy the history of the area along with stunning countryside, forests and mountains. There are remains of ancient forts, castles and convents, the Peñafurada tunnels where gold used to be mined, and at Grandas de Salime you can see how the local inhabitants in the Middle Ages used to live, in the Ethnographical Museum. The nearby Puerto de Vega is an old fishing and whaling village with lighthouses and a fish market to visit.

Frexulfe is the largest beach in the municipality and has been declared a Protected Natural Monument. It gets crowded in the summer months but enjoys 2 parking areas, good access, beach amenities and lifeguards. The beach is popular with surfers and fishermen and there is a coastal path that connects it to some of the areas other lovely beaches such as Navia and Fabal. There is no road access to Fabal beach but in a way this is a good thing as you get to see the beautiful surrounding scenery on your walk. It is a narrow strip of sand and rocks backed by cliffs and it allows you to continue on the coastal path to the official nudist beach in Navia called El Moro that is nice and secluded by cliffs.