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Valdés Area

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Valdés Area

Bordering the Bay of Biscay in the North of Spain is the municipality of Valdés. The area is home to some of the best beaches in the province of Asturias, and its capial Luarca, although only a village, has a lot to offer visitors. An important whaling village in the past, Luarca still has a rich fishing heritage and is home to the Shipping Trader’s Guild and The Table of the Seafarer’s. Cattle trade in the area goes back to medieval times and continues to this day. Called the Region of Vaqueiros (cattle drivers) where there are routes connecting the coast to inland towns and villages that were used for seasonal migration.

In the past many South American immigrants moved to the area and the ones that were successful spent fortunes on building grand houses of Indiano architecture with large landscaped gardens that reflected their wealth, some of which can sill be seen around the town of Villar. Aside from its fantastic beaches, there are some lovely places of interest to visit in Luarca including the fascinating Centre of Giant Squid, Gamoneda and Ferrera Marquees Palaces, Luarca lighthouse and the beautiful sea facing cemetery with its attached Atalaya Chapel. The Viewpoint of the Chano offers superb views over the village and its picturesque port with its colourful fishing boats. Also worthy of a visit is the Church of Santa Eulalia that has some wonderful architecture.

There are many beaches and hidden coves to visit, including an official nudist beach in Valdés. Close to Luarca is the secluded and tranquil Tourán beach well loved by the locals and fishermen that has a camping ground nearby. Further along is Otur beach and then Barayo beach although many tourists stick to the ones closer to the village of Luarca known as Primera and Segunda which get very crowded during the peak summer months.