Nudist Beaches in Ibiza


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Probably the most famous island in the Mediterranean, Ibiza receives visitors from all over the world. Each summer sees the island comes alive with fantastic International DJ’s and their trusty groupies filling the lively bars and huge nightclubs that have given Ibiza its fame. Discovered in 654BC by Phoenician settlers, Ibiza became an important Mediterranean trading post. Situated some 150 kilometres off the eastern coast of mainland Spain, Ibiza is the 3rd largest of the Balearic Islands.

Now a major tourist destination, the island offers visitors an excellent mix of sun kissed beaches, turquoise seas, historical villages and party towns. The town of San Antonio receives the highest amount of visitors and is home to some of the best known nightclubs in the world. Although most of the big Ibiza clubs are not located in the town, there are 2 areas where the pre club partying happens. The West End is a popular area of bars and smaller clubs that, of an evening, fill up with scantily dressed revellers in neon war paint, with drink in hand, madly waving their glo-sticks. Throughout the West End there are bar touts or ”PR’s” as they prefer to be called, offering all sorts of shooters and cheap drink prices to entice these happy party goers into their establishments. The Sunset Strip is home to several Ibiza institutes such as Savannah and Cafe Mambo. As the name suggests, the sunsets are what it’s all about in this part of town, with crowds flocking to the beach and bars to chill out whilst watching the antics of the Fire Eaters and other crazy entertainers. As with any destination that caters for a young party crowd, the town has an abundance of waters sports and take away restaurants like Burger King and KFC.

Ibiza Town is dominated by a large walled fortress and is also a very popular place to visit, albeit not as wild as San Antonio. The town boasts excellent shopping with many high street brands, street markets and a bustling port area. The Marina Botafoch is where the trendy jet set hang out on their yachts and is just a short distance from the town’s lovely beaches. Scattered around the island, there are a choice of official nudist beaches in Ibiza, 2 within close proximity of Ibiza Town.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]