Nudist Beaches in Piélagos

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Piélagos Area

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Piélagos Area

Located near the city of Santander, Piélagos is a municipality in the Cantabria region of Spain. In the area of Boo de Piélagos is Playa de la Arnia that is a spectacular cove of golden sand and clear blue waters. With most of the cove being sheltered by an island, the swells are relatively small for this part of Spain making it an ideal beach to visit for families with small children. The beach is overlooked by a cliff that has a nice bar and restaurant offering great sea views, and also has an area where you can park your car. This part of the coastline is home to the Liencres Dunes Nature Reserve that is bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by the river Pas, giving it an interesting variety of flora & fauna. Aside from the usual frogs, snakes and lizards that favour the reserve’s Mogro estuary there are a variety of migratory birds that use the reserve as a resting point on their journey. There are various hiking trails through the reserve and along the way you might see birds such as grey plover, ringed plover, whimbrel and dunlin. There is unrestricted access to the reserve and it can be reached via the CA-231 road.

A few kilometres inland is the charming small town of Parbayon that nestles in a shallow valley and is reminiscent of parts of England or even Switzerland with it’s quaint hillside chalets and cottages. There are some lovely hiking trails through the hills and valleys that aren’t too strenuous and offer pretty views and crisp, clean air. Apart from Playa de la Arnia, within a short distance there is an official nudist beach in Piélagos and a choice of rocky coves, hidden inlets and cliffs to explore.