Nudist Beaches in Ribamontán al Mar

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Ribamontán al Mar Area

Nude Beaches

  • Langre I
  • Langre II
  • El Puntal

Ribamontán al Mar Area

Ribamontán al Mar is a municipality in Cantabria, Spain also known as Somo. It became the first well known surfing spot in the country during the late 1950’s and was home to Spain’s first surfing school. The area forms part of the Bay of Biscay which is one of the most notoriously dangerous bodies of water on the planet where giant swells come in from the Atlantic, pounding the jagged coastline. Throughout this coastal region, surfing is a way of life and enthusiasts from all over the world visit the area seeking the ultimate wave. Mundaka in the Basque region is probably Spain’s top surfing spot where perfect swells form due to a combination of river currents coming into the Mundaka estuary and mixing with the currents of the ocean, creating a perfect sandbank which produces one of the most thrilling waves to be found anywhere in the world.

Ribamontán al Mar is a lively place throughout the year due to its surfing opportunities and its main beach is a huge sweeping bay of fine sand, and of course, great waves. The various parts of the beach areas offer surfing for all levels of expertise, and for total beginners there are surf schools offering lessons from professional instructors. For those just wanting to relax and soak up the sun, there are some lovely secluded coves as well as 3 official nudist beaches in Ribamontán al Mar. The town has a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants, some doing tasty BBQ’s that are a favourite with the hungry surfers after a day riding the waves. There are some fine examples of architecture including churches and stately homes. Camping is a favourite accommodation choice with the surfers and the area offers 3 camping sites. Camping Derby Lorendo is the closest to the beach and offers all relative amenities.