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Situated on the Costa del Azahar of Spain, the city of Cartagena’s history goes back to 227BC when it was founded by the Carthaginian’s. Since then it has played an important part in the Roman Empire and was one of Spain’s most important naval ports. To this day the Port of Cartagena is still the main military port in the country and the third deepest in the world, receiving regular visits from cruise ships. The city is abound with historical buildings, monuments, museums and churches. Museums of interest include, the Military Museum that has the largest collection of military artillery in Spain, National Museum of Underwater Archaeology that details the vessels that plied their trade along the Murcian coast, Roman Theatre Museum, a huge ampitheatre that was only recently discovered and has been painstakingly restored, and situated on a Roman necropolis, the Municipal Archaeological Museum. Also worth a mention, if only for their sheer size, are the Guns of Cartagena, built to defend its port in the 20th century, they measure 56ft and weigh a hefty 88 tons each with a firing range of 20 miles.

Visitors to the city can enjoy the many beaches or take a curative mud bath in the Mar Manor, thought by many to be an area of calm sea, but in actual fact Europe’s largest salt water lake. Throughout the city and its charming Old Quarter there are cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy a drink and meal or visitors can take a walk along the seafront where there is a further selection of excellent eateries. Cartagena’s ”Port of Culture” as it was named after a major re-vamp, is a great place to explore and watch the hustle and bustle of the port workers and the hoards of tourists disembark from one of the impressive cruise ships. Naturist’s have a choice of 4 nudist beaches in Cartagena or can head about 10 kilometres south to the nudist resort of El Portus.

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