Nudist Beaches in Elche

Elche Area

Situated between the cities of Alicante and Torrevieja on the beautiful Costa Blanca, Elche is a city famous for it’s palm groves and foot ware industry. Dating back to the 10th century, the palm groves of Elche ( El Palmeral ) are considered to be the largest in Europe and the cultivation methods, originally devised by the Moors, are still used to this day. In 2000 the palm groves were declared a world heritage site and received an international UNESCO award. Although the 200,000 odd palms stretch for miles outside the city, most visitors chose to explore those within the city itself. The city groves are well planned with various gardens, parks and a walking route to fully appreciate the beauty of the area. The walking route starts at the Palm Grove Museum ( Huerto de San Placido ) and meanders through the parks and gardens taking in the fantastic Cactus Gardens ( Huerto del Cura ) with a lovely selection of cacti and other plants and flowers.

Within the district of Elche, between the mountain ranges and the coast, is a vast area of salt marshes and lagoons that house the El Hondo Nature Reserve. A peaceful haven for nature lovers with an abundance of wildlife, including many different bird species. Visitors to the area can expect to see flamingos, herons, geese and ducks as well as various types of fishes and other wildlife.

Aside from tourism, Elche has a small agricultural industry of olives and dates. The main economy of Elche is the city’s foot wear industry, one of the largest in Europe with over a thousand foot wear factories producing some top brand names. Some of Elche’s other tourist attractions include the Basilica of Santa Maria, Calahorra Tower and Altamira Castle, situated near the Municipal Park. Although the city is some 10 kilometres inland, part of the municipality reaches the coast where there are a good selection of beaches including two official nudist beaches in Elche, located north and south of the tourist town of Santa Pola.

Nude Beaches