Nudist Beach in Rota

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Rota Area

Located near the Bay of Cadiz on the Atlantic coast, the resort town of Rota is blessed with endless days of sunshine and long stretches of golden sand beaches. Aside from its fishing and agriculture, Rota has a thriving tourism industry and is also home to a large navel base shared by both Spanish and U.S. sailors as well as U.S. Marine Corps and Air Force units. The town’s historical past has seen many different civilizations and cultures including Tartesians, Romans, Moors and Christians. There are some fine examples of historical architecture including the Old Quarter nestled inside its ramparts, the impressive Castillo de Luna and the church of Nuestra Señora de la Expectación.

Around town, visitors can enjoy views from the Balcón de las Almenas or take a stroll through the produce stalls in the Plaza de Abastos where there are displays of flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables. Fish and seafood lovers should not miss a visit to the town’s famous fish market located in the harbour area. Rota has a good selection of services, shops, arts & crafts, cafes, bars and restaurants. There are some excellent tapas bars offering delicious regional Serrano ham, fried calamari and grilled sardines. When dining in one of the town’s restaurants, visitors should sample the popular fish baked in a crusty layer of salt, which retains its moisture and wonderful flavour.

The town’s beaches are mainly fine sand and comprise of 4 main beaches, a scattering of smaller bays and an official nudist beach in Rota. 2 of the main beaches have received Blue Flag Status Awards and have pretty boardwalks and beach facilities. A selection of water sports can be found, especially windsurfing, with the Atlantic ocean providing excellent surfing conditions. Surrounding Rota are 2 national parks where hikers can explore the beautiful countryside and enjoy the lovely sea views.

Nude Beaches

  • Piedras Gordas