Nudist Beach in Tarifa

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Tarifa Area

Situated on the southernmost point of Spain, the town of Tarifa is where the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans meet. At this point the contrast between the two oceans is clearly visible with the Mediterranean being a lot calmer and a brighter blue in colour. The town’s Arab influence can be seen in the style of it’s buildings and maze of narrow winding streets. Throughout the town there are historical landmarks and buildings including the Imposing entrance to the old quarter known as Puerta de Jerez, the impressive Guzman castle, Gothic Mudejar chapel of Santiago and the church of St Matthew.

Tarifa is popular with holidaymakers from northern Europe and has a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants. There are parks and plazas to explore and a port area where visitors can enjoy the cool ocean breeze. Heading north from the old quarter is a long stretch of boardwalk and coastal path, ideal for both walking and cycling. Birdwatching is popular in the area with a good variety of migratory birds taking advantage of the relatively short route from north Africa across the Straits of Gibraltar. Whale and dolphin watching boat trips can also be taken in the Straits but due to the weather conditions can get a bit rough. The 3 hour trip costs 27€ which goes towards the conservation of these magnificent mammals.

With Tarifa’s location being at the narrowest point of the Straits of Gibraltar, the area enjoys unique wind conditions, ideal for wind and kite surfing and is known as one of the most popular destinations in the world for wind sports. With the narrowness of the Straits, a tunnel effect occurs, accelerating the wind and creating perfect wind conditions all year round. Be prepared during the peak summer months to share the beaches with a multitude of other wind sports enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy wonderful stretches of fine sandy beaches whilst watching the water sports, or for an all over tan, head for the official nudist beach in Tarifa.

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